Emilio Volz

Chief Executive Officer

Miguel Valdez

Chief Financial Officer

João Pedro Volz

Chief Operations Officer


Guilherme Goetz

Head of Relationship Manager / Controller & Billing Manager

María Sabrina Orrego

Back Office Manager & Relationship Manager

Bruno Novaes

Relationship Manager

Mariana Cezario

Relationship Manager

Mariana Freitas

Relationship Manager

Caroline Antunes

Relationship Manager

Magdalena Lavista

Relationship Manager

Luiz Flavio Resende

Tax Planning Manager

Daniel Bottjen

Contract Formation & Review Manager

Tomas Carvalho

Corporate Law and Structure Planning Associate

Paola Goetz Jones

Research Associate

Sonilton Campos

Tax Planning Associate

Meghan Seitz

Junior Trust Officer

John Napolitano

Portfolio Manager & Investment Strategist

Pablo Cichevski

Senior Financial Investment Advisor

Fabrizio Giossa

Financial Investment Advisor

Nicolas Maciel

Senior Trust Officer

Gastón Arsuaga

Back Office Assistant

Jaqueline Fernandes

Back Office Assistant

Caio Couto

Back Office Assistant

Leonardo Teixeira

Accountant & Tax Specialist Manager

Sofía Gomez

Associate Accountant

Carla Couto

Senior Incorporation Officer

Danilo Alamo

Incorporation Officer

Lourdes Delgado

Administrative Manager & Head of Human Resources

Diego Berro

Group Compliance Officer

Ed Silva

Data Security & Information Technology Manager

Breno Ferraro

Help Desk Technician

Martina Fritz

Junior Escrow Officer

Giannina Roggero

Front Desk Agent