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Saint Joseph International Group has offices in Miami, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, and Sioux Falls. It’s teams work together to provide complete services to clients from these locations.

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The Saint Joseph Group, offers businesses and individuals comprehensive services to including Legal Services, Tax Planning, Incorporation of Onshore and Offshore Structures, Accounting, Trust Services, Wealth Management, and Escrow Services. Our goal is to provide clients with complete tailor-made solutions to meet their individual needs. We seek to serve as trusted advisors, looking out for our clients’ best interests, offering comprehensive yet personalized services across diverse practice areas.

Member Companies

Saint Joseph International Law

Saint Joseph International Law is a company with global reach, focused on providing first-rate legal services to clients around the world, primarily in the following areas: Tax Planning, Contracts (drafting, revising, and reviewing), Trust Services, Consultation and Legal Advice, Succession Planning, Creation and Maintenance of Onshore and Offshore Companies, and Support for International Transactions of Real Estate and Investments. Our team of experienced and highly trained lawyers and consultants have a deep knowledge of the tax regulations not only in the United States, but also the member countries of Latin America. We bring over 35 years of experience in international taxation, and we efficiently plan and provide unique and reliable perspectives to meet the needs of our clients.

Saint Joseph International Accounting

Saint Joseph International Accounting is an accounting firm focused on international tax and support for individual, companies, and funds seeking to operate across borders. Our highly qualified team bring their extensive experience to international compliance and finding unique solutions. Saint Joseph International Accounting can serve customers in the following areas: Tax Compliance, Preparation of Financial Statements, Advising on International Structures, Auditing, and Review and support for international funds. In an increasingly complex global scenario, we excel in maintaining our objective of providing clients with the best and most comprehensive accounting services in an efficient, confidential, and professional manner.

Saint Joseph International Wealth

Saint Joseph International Wealth offers highly specialized investment advice with a long track record of success. Our philosophy toward wealth management is fluid and transparent, taking advantage of both bear and bull markets by diversifying products and strategies to fit the moment. Our international focus allows clients to enjoy greater diversity of opportunities while leveraging Saint Joseph International’s global network. Saint Joseph International Wealth provides clients with access to the world’s leading banking institutions and the most important investment platforms, while allowing clients to hold their assets in the most efficient structures available.

Saint Joseph Trust Company

Saint Joseph Trust Company is a public trust company headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Our focus is to provide clients with the top fiduciary services and support for their international trust structure. Saint Joseph Trust Company works to bring the unique laws and protections available in South Dakota to international clients seeking the best in asset protection, succession planning, and privacy.

Saint Joseph Physician Group

Saint Joseph Physician Group is a physician-owned and operated company dedicated to ensuring the financial wellbeing of physicians by providing asset protection structures and top-grade wealth planning. Keeping true to our oaths, we seek to offer what is the absolute best possible structure for our clients. We offer competitive and transparent pricing to our clients. We are completely independent from banks and insurance companies enabling our experienced team to identify the best solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Our goal is to be your financial family physician – a one-stop shop for all your needs. Our team of lawyers and financial advisors focus on protecting your assets so that you can focus on your patients.

Serving Clients Across Continents

Saint Joseph International provides services to customers in the United States and Latin America. Speak to the Saint Joseph International Team. We provide the most comprehensive and customized solutions in the United States and Latin America.



Miami & Sioux Falls

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We provide the most comprehensive and customized solutions in the United States and Latin America.