SJX is a universal support platform that offers partners an alternative to outdated structures and service models or limited to their jurisdiction rules. Through our platform you can plan across borders, safeguard your clients’ assets, provide tax, succession and governance efficiency, and directly coordinate where and how your clients are invested, without needing to ask anyone else permission to do what is best for your client. 

Complement the services you offer
through our international network
We provide a universal and exclusive support platform to access international structures and instruments for the benefit of your customers

About Us

Customized solutions

Saint Joseph Group is a complete multi-family-office located in the United States, Uruguay and Brazil, formed by an experienced team of professionals, focused on offering comprehensive services for business and individuals which includes legal services, tax planning, incorporation of onshore and offshore structures, creation and maintenance of trusts, wealth management and escrow services.


Our goal is to develop customized solutions for each of our partners and clients based on building a solid relationship of security and trust.


Our multi-lingual team of professionals is on call in Portuguese, Spanish, and English to give you support.

A support platform

We focus on a diversity of experience, allowing accountants, attorneys, back-office trading desks professionals, and wealth advisors to work seamlessly together in offering our partners services and advising on everything they might need to help their clients.


For this purpose, Saint Joseph Group has developed a universal and exclusive support platform, enabling its partners access to international structures and instruments for the benefit of their customers, in order to provide efficiency in corporate structuring, foreign investment, or succession, patrimonial, structure or tax; ensure the security, protection and confidentiality of the operations of our partners’ clients; ensure the supply of new international tools and instruments for wealth management, family succession and asset protection; among other advantages.

What is SJX?

SJX is a universal support platform that offers partners an alternative to outdated structures and service models or limited to their jurisdiction rules. Through our platform you can plan across borders, safeguard your clients’ assets, provide tax, succession and governance efficiency, and directly coordinate where and how your clients are invested, without needing to ask anyone else permission to do what is best for your client. 


Our mantra of Security, Privacy, Transparency, Efficiency and Experience outline how we offer 10X improvements over traditional platforms.

Through our internationally licensed and regulated back-office group, we ensured partners have transparent and flexible billing and extensive profit-sharing options. All our fees are fixed and up front. Our attorneys are experienced in international trust, contract, and tax law. Our trust officers are experienced in international asset management and cross-border payments. Our use of BNY Mellon, and Pershing for custody guarantees that clients will have little to no margin or fees on trades. We are free and flexible to ensure our up-front billing fits perfectly into our partner’s expectations.


We seek through our growing and improving platform SJX to serve you, our partner, by complementing the services you offer without supplanting your role to your client. We look to provide better ways to support you in your business, knowing that the best solution to safeguard your clients is in your own hands.

Who are our clients?

Referrals and partnerships with traditional private banks and international law firms have historically meant losing access and control over the clients, in addition to tools and limited understanding, within an international systemic view – regarding the implementation of strategies and operations. 


These financial institutions, moreover, give trusted professionals limited control of billing and investments, and often cut out advisors from key decision making. The high level of over-compliance and fear of regulation meant these structures would often advise clients for their own best interests, ignoring what trusted advisors knew was best for clients.  

"SJX is focused on business-to-business partnerships with international Attorneys, Accountants, Wealth Managers and Realtors. We offer access to back-office services which allow partners to compete and surpass major institutions by adding our expertise to support them."

João Pedro Volz – COO of Saint Joseph International Group

Our services

South Dakota Trust Services

By using international trust structures, we offer what is currently the most potent level of asset protection for international investments coupled with unbridled flexibility in control and management of client’s assets, in addition to the confidentiality of operations and more efficiency in succession planning and family compliance and governance.


The South Dakota Foreign Directed Trust is Secured by the legislative protections offered by both the United States and South Dakota, these trust structures allow advisors to take on an active role and directly aid clients in managing their offshore wealth. Because these accounts are held in United States trusts, clients can rest assured that no matter what may happen in their home jurisdiction, their offshore wealth will be protected. South Dakota also offers extensive creditor protections by guaranteeing assets are instantly protected when added to the trust, in addition to boosting the shortest statute of limitations on claims from current creditors.


South Dakota offers the most extensive privacy protections available for clients looking to safeguard their offshore wealth. This privacy protections help simplify avoid family conflicts on wealth and inheritance, and because wealth is stored in trust, clients can rest assured that their family will be taken care of without prolonged succession proceedings.


The most complete asset planning strategies for client’s involve an offshore strategy. These strategies allow clients to safeguard against judicial, political, and economic instability by diversifying the currency and jurisdiction where assets are held. 


Offshore structures can provide tax benefits, remove bureaucracy and inheritance tax, allow greater confidentiality in the ownership of assets and investments, in addition to ensuring access to international credits and assets.


Our team of professionals prepares all the necessary documentation for the incorporation of onshore and offshore companies. We enable our partners to choose among the most diverse international jurisdictions, especially those with the best tax, inheritance, and asset protection benefits. 

Legal Support

Our international team of lawyers offers partners consultations and opinions on organizing their assets within the most efficient international structures available. Our team of attorneys will guide you every step of the way to ensure that your client’s structure is custom-made and in line with their individual goals. Our highly experienced team is able to assist with Negotiating, drafting, and revising international agreements. 


Our experience with international law ensures drafted documents comply with the legal requirements of the most diverse jurisdictions. Our extensive legal capabilities include of loans and promissory notes, entity purchase agreements, operating agreements, shareholder meeting minutes, corporate decisions, leases, and any other legal document you might come across in running or operating your business. 


Our team has extensive experience in trust drafting, helping these highly modular contracts comport with the specific legal framework of their administrative jurisdiction, while taking into account the particularities of the laws where grantors, beneficiaries, and trust directors reside.

Investment Custody and Trading Support

Our internationally based team of traders offer support to both US and international clients in ensuring their asset custody needs are met. Our team is fully licensed in both he US and abroad, as draws from decades of experience in international markets, earned through work in mutual funds and major private banks. Our team is happy to lead you everything from custody and trade support to portfolio management and advising. Through our custody relationship with Bank of New York Mellon, and Pershing, we are able to give you the flexibility you need to advise your clients on their foreign assets.