Wealth Management

The Group’s team of advisor’s guides client investments with skill honed from decades of experience.

Our mangers provide clients with personalized advising both onshore and offshore. Saint Joseph International Wealth partnered with some of the world’s best banks in both the US and Europe to offer clients a plethora of opportunities in which to make investments.

The Group’s services centralize and consolidate client portfolios spread out in various institutions, structures, and markets into one vision of what is best to ensure continuing individual and family wealth.

Structured Securities

Our group has become of the Latin American Leaders in structuring notes.

Our expert team helps clients identify the best opportunities in the market. Through its vast international connections, we succeed in offering the best product with the most favorable terms.

We are in:


Sao Paulo & Porto Alegre

United States

Miami & South Dakota


Saint Joseph International Group has offices in Miami, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, and Sioux Falls. It’s teams work together to provide complete services to clients from these locations.

+1 (305) 503-9867