Document Drafting, Review, and Revision

The Group employs a team of elite professionals in the field of legal document drafting, review, and revision. It coordinates with experts from across the world to ensure documents comply with legal realities of various jurisdictions.

It’s team has extensive experience in the following areas: international corporate mergers and acquisitions; loans and promissory notes; stock purchase agreements; corporate charters and operating agreements for business entities; corporate resolutions and shareholder meeting minutes; legal memoranda; leases; and liens. Each document created is customized for the needs of clients and is tailored and negotiated for the purpose of facilitating good faith transactions and dealings.

Tax Advising and Structuring

Focusing in planning for both individuals and corporations, the Group works tirelessly to provide it’s clients with the most comprehensive, high quality tax advice in the field. It’s team skillfully navigates the complexities of the United States tax code in order to plan cross-border operations.

While the United States gives foreign investors ample room to own and structure a variety of business entities for such investment purposes, the consequences of improper form selection or asset transfer timing can be devastating.

The Group draws from it’s deep collective experience in national and international tax law, regulation, and practice to avoid these negative consequences. With collaboration from its network of high-profile professionals, it painstakingly crafts sophisticated structures for it’s clients that maximize the efficiency of international transactions while minimizing tax liability and risk. Our team specializes in Structure Planning, Pre-Immigration tax Planning, and International Investment Planning.

Escrow Services

The Group retains escrow agents that are on-call to handle it’s clients’ effectuation of international investments, payments, and transactions, by aiding in the proper processing of transactions.

By acting as a third-party agent in such transactions, clients rely on the Group to facilitate expedient, professional, and secure transfers that minimize risk in a complicated international environment. Whether for concluding the purchase or sale of real property, furthering a previously negotiated contractual agreement, or virtually any other transactional purpose, it’s team has the experience and skill to provide responsive support to any of client needs.

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Saint Joseph International Group has offices in Miami, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, and Sioux Falls. It’s teams work together to provide complete services to clients from these locations.

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