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Saint Joseph International Group is a group of companies seeking to offer select clients a comprehensive set of tools for business.

Through its diverse member companies, the Saint Joseph International Group can offer clients a broad variety of services from company formation, legal and tax advising, accounting services, cross-border wealth management, and Trust services. It’s purpose is to serve as a true trusted advisor to it’s clients.

The Group is composed of several different firms, independent but working together to advance client interests. The group provides clients with the most personalized treatment available. It’s primary focus is efficiency, and the managers at Saint Joseph International group make sure that member companies work efficiently together so clients have instant access to all they need.

Member Companies


Saint Joseph International Law is a firm with a truly global reach. It is focused on providing premier legal services to clients worldwide, particularly in the following areas:

National and international tax advising and planning; legal document drafting, review, revision; escrow services; estate planning; formation, maintenance of business entities; and support for international real property and investment transactions.

It’s highly knowledgeable and experienced team of lawyers has a keen understanding of the business and tax environment of Latin America, while its partners boast over thirty-five years of experience in cross-border taxation, offering unique perspectives on reliable and effective planning.


Saint Joseph international Accounting is an international accounting firm based in Miami, Florida. With substantial experience in accounting for businesses and individuals, its highly skilled staff is proud to cater to clients with an international orientation. 

Saint Joseph International Accounting emphasizes it’s commitment to client service in the following areas: tax return preparation, financial statement creation, international structure advising, auditing and review. 

It’s organizational goal is to provide clients with the finest, most comprehensive accounting services in an increasingly complicated global environment, and to do so in a manner that is efficient, professional, responsive, confidential, and courteous.



Young to the market but wealthy in talent, Saint Joseph International Wealth is composed of asset advisors with decades of experience.

It’s strategy has been both aggressive and transparent, and through that philosophy it has provided it’s clients with access to unbridled opportunities. It’s team has a record of success at every level. This is what led Saint Joseph International Wealth to being one the most successful asset advisors in Latin America. It’s focus is centered on providing complete service, offering total transparency, and giving clients access to opportunities worldwide through it’s global reach.

Saint Joseph International Wealth takes pride in providing it’s select clients with access to the world´s leading banking institutions and the most important investment platforms.


Saint Joseph Trust Company is a public trust company situated in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

It’s primary focus is to establish instruments for clients that not only provide for succession planning, but also asset protection and tax efficiency. Using South Dakota trusts, clients know that they are taking advantage of one of the most unique and most protective structures in existence. Saint Joseph Trust Company offers clients structuring, custodianship, advising and management through partner firms.



Based in the Zona America in Montevideo Peperfun is a leader in the field of structured products. It has become a market leader Through its team’s extensive history of success.

Peperfun’s rich experience in conducting cross market research and extensive partnerships with the leading providers in the industry has led to unrivaled success.

We are in:


Sao Paulo & Porto Alegre

United States

Miami & South Dakota


Saint Joseph International Group has offices in Miami, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, and Sioux Falls. It’s teams work together to provide complete services to clients from these locations.

+1 (305) 503-9867